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This session is to help you learn to use the FLIR camera together with the iPad to image infrared radiation. - the manufacturer of FLIR cameras.

Getting Started

1. Switch on FLIR camera (top button) and iPad.

2. navigate to the FLIR app.

3. test connection by looking around the room.


1. What color corresponds to warm objects? How warm are these objects?

2. What color corresponds to cold temperatures? How cold are these?

2. What part of your face is warmest?

3. What part of you looks colder than your face?

4. Why do you think that part is colder?

5. What is the hottest thing in the room?

6. Is there anything changing temperature in the room? What is it? Heating up or cooling down?

7. Can you see hot or cold air come into the room from outside (look around the windows or doors)?

8. Hold your hand onto a metal object for a minute and remove. Can you see an effect on the FLIR image?

9. Hold your hand on a wooden desk for a minute. Can you see something on the FLIR camera after you take your hand away? Can you explain why?

10. What kind of things could you see if the FLIR camera was mounted on a telescope?

11. Point the FLIR camera at the outside and describe what you see.

12. Is it a hot day or a cool one? What inanimate objects are warmer/cooler than ambient temperature and why?

13. Is the sky cold or warm?

14. The coolest stars are 500K. and the hottest 10.000K. Which can you see with the FLIR camera?

15. Can you think of an industrial use of this camera?