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This is the stub for a lab using the online galaxy zoo; Galaxy Morphologies

The GalaxyZoo was one of the first "Citizen Science" projects that asked the public to help scientist examine and classify specimens, in this case images of galaxies from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, the first big digital color image of the Northern sky.

The expected total classification count is calculated as the number of required classifications per student multiplied by the number of students in the class. For the Galaxy Zoo 101 project, 22 classifications per student are required.

The Original GalaxyZoo

It found out many new things about galaxies (red spirals! Blue Ellipticals! What is this weird green thing?) and many new editions appeared. Other citizen science is now being done under the Zooniverse umbrella Zooniverse ranging from zoology, historical weather patterns many more astronomy projects.

Getting Started

1. Go to the class link here: [

Galaxy Zoo 101 PHYS 108 2019F Home Page]

2. make a login with your student ID.

3. start classifying galaxies!


1. How many galaxies did you classify

2. Did you get many artifacts? Why do you think those are still in there?

3. What color were the spiral galaxies?

4. What color were any elliptical galaxies you saw?

5. Do spiral galaxies always look like a round disk? Explain your answer.