ImageJ for Astronomy at the University of Louisville

Processing Images and Data from Moore and Mt. Kent Observatories in ImageJ

ImageJ is a Java-based image processing program developed at the National Institute of Health for medical imaging. It works well for astronomy too, and it is available as an applet on our server. For most astronomical uses, you will have to download the images you want to work with to your computer and then load them in the applet. We have ImageJ plug-ins, modules, and scripts specifically for astronomical photometry that are not yet packaged for public release. Please contact us for more information if this capability is of interest.

You must have a Java-enabled browser to run ImageJ on the Web.
For Firefox, use these settings to allow Java:

If you accept the certificate you will be able to view images that are stored on your computer. Otherwise, you may view only images that are provided by this server.

You may need to install the Java Runtime Environment for your computer if it is not already installed. If you are unsure, try SUN's Java test website:

Java Browser Test
and follow the instructions.

Last update: September 30, 2012
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