Courses in astronomy and astrophysics.

This course examines the entire universe, as observed today with the instruments of modern technology, and as explained with the ideas of physicists and astronomers.  

This course is a hands-on opportunity to learn by exploration and discovery how physicists and astronomers have arrived at their current understanding of the universe.  The class uses images and data from the university's telescopes in Kentucky, Arizona, and Australia, along with experiments you can do at home and with web resources.

This basic observational astronomy class emphasizes  optical astronomy from the ground and from space with the goal of developing your understanding of how the data are acquired, how to access data, and the use of physics and computing to understand its meaning. Each week will cover a new topic with content usually available early in the week and an simple assignment due by the next Monday. To complement the weekly assignments we will have individual short research projects with a culminating report at the end of the semester. The class provides optional visits to the University's Moore Observatory near Louisville, and remote observing online with our facilities in Arizona and Australia.

For the Fall Semester 2022 it has an in-person meeting weekly with this online content.